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We are hyphen… hahahaha…


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Rating for Yamada NSH

The drama for winter season has started…. 2 of those that is a must watch for me is CODE BLUE 2 and Yamada NSH
It kicks off at the same week… that is 11/01/10
Monday 11/1    CODE BLUE 2   rating 18.8% (the highest of the week)
Friday 15/1   Yamada NSH   rating 12.1%
CB2 is by Yamashita Tomohisa as lead
YNSH is lead by Kamenashi Kazuya
*throw confetti* YamaP… good, good!! But then I always suspect there are something going on between this 2 no doubt they are not from the same group in Johnny’s but they have paired up years ago to do Shuuji to Akira and has since been dancing Johnny’s anthem of "Seishun Amigo" in every major outing….
I am having a bit of overdosed on this song.
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Magazine scans YE-2009

Wink Up Dec2009
credit : LJ
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With Love by Takki

Song : With Love
Singer/Composer/Lyricist : Takizawa Hideaki 滝沢秀明

Lyric to be posted later.

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Happy Birthday, UePi!






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Best Jeanist 2009

  i just can’t believe it … this year Kamenashi Kazuya is not winning it 4 years in a row… How could this happen? Because he has gained a bit of weight? or his fans all too busy to vote?

Arashi – aiba masaki is winning it… he is like 2nd or 3rd in the rank last year.

I wanted to cry now…. sad sad sad…. now I have lost my mood.

got to go sleep it off….

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Jweb-report on Dreamboy

Translation Chinese credit to ainokizuna

舞台劇『DREAM BOYS』初日記者會report

9/4(五)在帝國劇場迎接初日的舞台劇『DREAM BOYS』。2004年以來多次上演的本作品,這次是2009年版的龜梨和也(KAT-TUN)、渋谷昴(關八)、手越祐也(NEWS)等三位出演!這個舞台劇舉行了公開彩排與記者會,Johnny’s web也去了劇院。傳達其模樣給大家。

首先是『DREAM BOYS』的故事略作介紹。在show business(演藝圈)世界獲得超大人氣的Kazuya(龜梨)、Subaru(昴)、Yuya(手越)的三人。但是,為了要開始走各自的道路,迎接最後的表演來臨。










以flying為首,展現各種表演的這個作品。出演的本人們也覺得時間經過一轉眼就結束的感覺也有,「這樣非現實的世界希望觀眾們也能看得愉快」,希望大家沉浸在“DREAM BOYS WORLD”中的龜梨說。



龜梨說「出演『DREAM BOYS』到現在,與手越一起做也是首次,這次的flying也非常的進化,我自己也邊這麼感覺邊在做。這個空間,”非現實的世界”希望大家看得愉快!」,述說了希望大家以全身來感受舞台劇整體。

Translation English credit to esterzax@lj

Johnny’s web report on DREAM BOYS Day One press conference

stage play DREAMBOYS that begins it’s first day at the Imperial Theater
on 9/4. The play that has been played many times since 2004, the 2009
version is now being played by Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN), Shibutani
Subaru (Kanjani8), Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)! This stage play has held a open
rehearsal and press conference, Johnny’s web was at the theater too.
Will let everyone know how it looks there.

First is the
introduction of the storyline for DREAMBOYS. Kazuya, Subaru and Tegoshi
have attained much popularity in the show business. But, to be able
to embark on a road of their own, they’ve come to their last stage

From then, ten years have passed. Subaru who aims to
be and realises his dreams to be a boxing champion. Yuya who aims to be
a musician, even though having formed his band and started performing,
is unable to successfully get through everyday. Kazuya has not found
his aim, and lives everyday freely.

Pulling these three people
together once again, is the movie to illustrate Subaru’s early life.
Because of this movie, their lives encounter huge changes.

story evolving with the personalities of the three performers, the
music is totally new too. The newly written songs, and also songs
across the groups!

In the
open rehearsal, Subaru and Tegoshi show their singing skills in all the
scenes! We thought that Kamenashi would show his charm in singing, but
instead it’s flying. (The number of times he does the flying this year
is 18, more than last year which was 16. The amount of time he was in
the air is 24 minutes. This is his personal longest record.)
of them standing on the stage, the scene of them emitting sparks with
‘singing’ is full of intensity! The stage play having such members, had
applause from everyone many times.

After that, the final rehearsal has ended, and Kamenashi, Subaru, Tegoshi appear on the stage, and begin the press conference!

First, as they were taking photos, three of them greeted each other and showed their smiles, there was a harmonious atmosphere.

was the thoughts of acting in this stage play with these members this
time. Kamenashi said, ‘Very extravagant! Felt that it was very
extravagant when I was doing it too. After all, Kanjani8, NEWS,
KAT-TUN, have been three different teams until now. There has never
been a feeling of standing on the stage like this too!’, with a look of
excitement and unable to cool down. Also, there is also a song three of
them will collaborate and sing together, about this song, they said
that ‘The timing to sing was decided after a long discussion!’
Kamenashi said. Trying to sing this song, Subaru said ‘It’s a big
success! We’ve done great~ Like this (laughs)’, feeling very
accomplished. Subaru who hasn’t performed in DREAMBOYS for three years
also said, ‘Basically the roles are similar, so there’s no great
discomfort.’, the Subaru who has successfully gotten into his role,
said while smiling widely.

On the other hand, Tegoshi who is
particpating for the first time said, ‘Because the two big brothers
welcomed me gently, it’s really enjoyable!’ After he answered that
enthusiastically, instantly ‘You saying that like this, I don’t seem gentle at all isn’t it (laughs)!’
said Kamenashi. Tegoshi who was being criticised said ‘No, no (laughs).
It’s really enjoyable!’ There was this scene of them laughing together.

As their ages are close, ‘Is there any feeling of rivalry?’
Being asked this question, ‘The emphasis on team work is more than
rivaly’ (Tegoshi), ‘Focus on the overall balance’ (Kamenashi), they
said in unison. Everyone is always considering the overall feeling, the
team work of the company seems to be perfect too.

This time,
the emphasis is put on ‘singing’, Subaru who has a scene to sing
together with both Kamenashi or Tegoshi said, ‘It’s very enjoyable,
very fresh!’ answering his thoughts immediately. With the fast pace of
progress for the performances in the story, Tegoshi said, ‘Because I
like singing, dancing! I’m in a really good mood’, having fun
performing in the play.

With flying as the first, this stage
play shows many different performances. The performers themselves think
that there’s also a feeling of time passing in an instant, ‘A
non-reality world like this, hope that the audience will enjoy watching
it’, Kamenashi who hopes that everyone will be immersed in the DREAM
BOYS world said.

Actually, during the rehearsal period all
three of them had their concert tours, it seems to be difficult to
bring the three of them together, the reporters asked ‘Is it difficult to match each other’s frequency?’
Then, ‘We chat backstage too’ Kamenashi said, it seems that there’s "No
problem", ‘Un, un’ Subaru nodding his head too. Kamenashi said, ‘We’ll
show a different type of energy when we perform officially. When the
curtain is raised, we’ll probably think ‘Ah, that’s the feeling!’,
Tegoshi shows his smiling face too. Their breathing is matching too,
the members who have made full preparations. Looking forward to the
actual performance! The press conference showing such a mood.

is everyone’s message. Tegoshi said with a face full of smiles,
‘Initially there were parts I was uneasy about. Rehearsing, and
communicating with the two of them at the same time. I am very happy
about it, and I hope everyone can understand this happiness. Everyone,
please enjoy it too!’ Then, Subaru said ‘A stage play with a rare group
combination. I myself too, want alot to happily do this and pass this
valuable time. Premium feeling, is it? Hope everyone can enjoy watching
this rare group combination!’ Hoping everyone enjoys the performance by
the three of them this time.

Kamenashi said, ‘Performing DREAM
BOYS till now, it’s the first time performing with Tegoshi, the flying
is also very evolved this time, that’s how I feel as I do it. This
space, "non-reality world", hope everyone will enjoy watching it!’,
saying that he hopes everyone will enjoy the whole stage play with
their whole being.

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Break the Records Photobook


KAT-TUN Live Photobook

translation credit :xmonster1603@LJ


「It is simply a process, as I have no choice but to surpass my old self.」

Even though I was allowed to be part of such an amazing record, I enjoyed it in quite a simple manner. To be honest, I didn’t fully register the moment when we were in the sparkling middle of that vortex. I even got kind of surprised when the time came for us to ride the next wave. Because I was unexpectedly able to immerse myself in the joy of such situation, I don’t have much lingering memories about that time. Next year, when it is time to return to the Dome, the me who loves competition will only remember this year’s performance as an experience to learn from, and a rival to surpass. That’s because I always think that surpassing myself is a must.

Because of my fickle nature, I usually hate following a set routine. For example, even when I have perfectly completed my choreography, I wouldn’t want to stick to those dance steps all the time. If I’m not constantly challenging something, I would soon get tired of myself. There were times when no room was left for creation, and so I became seriously unmotivated. Sometimes I would do things like changing the lyrics in the middle of a live performance; those moments are also brought about by my instantaneous inspirations. I feel as if I’m in a kind of constant fight: no matter how brilliant my original idea is, each time I carry out that idea I would feel compelled to give it a different form. I never get bored doing things that way; that’s why I can always continue to try changing my performances. For me, it’s simply a process. After the final day at the Dome I did try to reflect on things. Certainly, at that place, at that time, there were a lot of things that I managed to accomplish, but I still want to take a step further. I know that it’s better to avoid any possible regret by calculating things carefully before doing, but that’s just not the way I am. The live performance is the place where I can show the audience the true Kamenashi Kazuya, with all the experience I have gathered from my work thus far. At that moment, I just want to move according to my instinct and rely totally on the power of my strokes of inspiration.

With such a stance in life, I feel like I am a baseball batter in the middle of his match. Freely deciding which way to throw the ball I have in my mind is really fun. I will watch what the other members are doing and try to go in a different direction from them. It’s great to be able to do what we want, each of us choosing his own way of presentation. In our group we hardly ever have the kind of “let’s all do this” feeling, but in a good meaning, because we are performing our role while displaying our individuality. Maybe that is also the reason why the fans choose us. I think that we can exist as a group is thanks to everyone’s acknowledgment. Standing on the stage, if each of us, and everyone else too, can think “I’m glad to be with KAT-TUN”, then that’s already good enough for me.

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Johnny’s idols take turns in mini-drama project


Several Johnny’s Jimusho idols will participate in a television mini-drama project on Fuji TV. Titled "0 Goushitsu no Kyaku," the show will consist of six stories, each lasting for a month. The weekly episodes will be 15 minutes long.

The drama is set in a city hotel called Point, where there is a strange "Room 0" that can reveal one’s "grade" as a human being. Various guests with different circumstances visit the room, hoping to determine their own worth.

The first story stars Arashi’s Satoshi Ohno as a salaryman who visits the room with a kyabakura hostess, only to discover that she gets a higher grade than he does.

In the second story, Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama and Shota Yasuda play a comedy duo. Although they get along well, they can’t find success together, so they visit the room to measure themselves.

The rest of the stories will be led by Shigeaki Kato (NEWS), Shingo Murakami (Kanjani8), Keiichiro Koyama (NEWS), and Shigeru Joshima (TOKIO), in that order. Yu Yokoyama (Kanjani8) will appear throughout the entire series as the storyteller.

The project will start with Ohno’s story on October 23. Fuji TV will air the show late on Friday nights, at 1:05am.

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Happy Birthday, Nakamaru-kun


Hahahaha… the big nose guy …. ‘N’ of KAT-TUN group….. 中丸雄一


the all-S of the group

The big brother of the group


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